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Global Health

The EOSCAPE-HIV, developed by Wave 80 to improve patient outcomes in areas with the highest HIV disease burden, reflects the company’s longstanding commitment to improving medical outcomes among underserved patient populations around the world through expanded access to advanced healthcare products and technology. While the EOSCAPE-HIV’s best-in-class analytical performance and short turnaround time are compelling attributes for even the most sophisticated clinical laboratories, EOSCAPE has been comprehensively designed for reliable operation in the many small clinical laboratories which don’t yet have extensive infrastructure:

  • Contamination and biohazard management with fully enclosed cartridges.
    All assay processes—including sample preparation—take place entirely within EOSCAPE cartridges.
  • Ease of use.
    EOSCAPE systems minimize the burden on overworked clinical laboratory staff with features like easy-loading cartridges, straightforward control/calibration protocols, and an integrated 18 cm touchscreen.
  • Minimal maintenance.
    EOSCAPE analyzers and processing units contain no moving parts and no fluid reservoirs.
  • Battery operation.
    EOSCAPE analyzers can run on integrated battery backup power for extended periods and are compatible with a variety of recharging sources.
  • Environmental stability.
    EOSCAPE cartridges don’t require refrigeration during shipment or storage.