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Wave 80 initiates new program in biomarker-based stroke patient stratification

New approach to guiding therapy holds promise for improving patient outcomes in ischemic stroke.

San Francisco, CA, July 9, 2008 – Researchers at Wave 80 have commenced a new program exploring the use of circulating biomarkers to inform clinical decisionmaking in acute stroke by predicting which patients are most likely to benefit from current and emerging treatments, the company announced today.

"Acute ischemic stroke is an area of high unmet need," said Daniel Laser, Ph.D., Wave 80's CEO. "This program leverages key elements of the biomarker measurement technology platform Wave 80 developed for the U.S. military to tackle the extraordinary challenge of guiding stroke therapy within the narrow window of opportunity when administering therapy is most effective."

According to the American Heart Association, some 800,000 Americans experience a new or recurrent stroke each year. Nearly nine in 10 strokes are categorized as ischemic strokes, meaning they are caused by blockage in an artery that supplies blood to the brain. Enhancing quality of care in ischemic stroke through improved diagnosis and patient stratification is considered to be a key priority for improving patient outcomes in cardiovascular disease.

About Wave 80

Wave 80 Biosciences is a research-driven medical technologies company developing high-performance molecular assay methods, novel techniques for leukocyte analysis and fractionation, and innovative clinical laboratory testing systems. Wave 80’s lead pipeline product is the EOSCAPE-HIV, an innovative compact-form-factor system for determination of HIV viral load in peripheral blood. Wave 80 is headquartered in San Francisco, California.