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Wave 80’s Innovative Approach to Tuberculosis Sequencing Featured in Clinical Infectious Diseases Special Issue

Liquid micropiston-based sequencing technology meet emerging needs around multi-drug resistant strains.

San Francisco, California, October 15, 2015—A special issue of leading infectious diseases journal Clinical Infectious Diseases, published this month, features advances in tuberculosis sequencing developed by Wave 80 scientists.

Using Wave 80's Liquid Micropiston (LMP) technology, researchers have begun to produce exciting results around processing complex sputum samples and precisely characterizing TB strains based on consensus sequences. The LMP-based TB sequencing method can be readily implemented in disposable, fully enclosed cartridges designed for use with a variety of molecular diagnostics platforms, including a next-generation version of Wave 80's EOSCAPE platform.

EOSCAPE cartridge-integrated sample prep modules, which are less than three cubic centimeters in size and interface seamlessly with downstream cartridge components, perform the critical function of extracting DNA and RNA from the complex sample matrices which are to undergo analysis in the cartridge. Samples which can be processed range from whole blood to urine to sputum, as well as non-human material for environmental and food safety testing.

The LMP-based sequencing architecture is considered to be such an important breakthrough that a photograph of LMP cartridges was selected as one of only two images to be included on the cover of the special issue.

Clinical Infectious Diseases Special Issue: Advances in Tuberculosis Research: A Blueprint for Opportunities

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