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Wave 80 Presents Latest Results on Type 1 Diabetes at 2019 American Diabetes Association meeting

Multiplexed detection and quantitation of T1D-relevant autoantibodies holds significant promise for improving patient outcomes.

San Francisco, California, June 12, 2018—At the 2019 American Diabetes Association meeting, Wave 80 presented the latest results on clinical sample testing using its high-performance assay technology to detect and quantify panels of autoantibodies of critical relevance to type 1 diabetes disease progression.

The results from this testing of the new assay platform, known as the RAABET (Resonance AutoAntiBody Energy Transfer) assay, is particularly important in light of the increasingly strong pipeline of disease-modifying interventions for T1D.

"As a homogeneous assay for rapid, no-wash multiplexed detection of T1D-associated autoantibodies from small volumes (1-10 μL) of patient plasma or serum, RAABET addresses incredibly important unmet needs in T1D," said Wave 80 senior vice president and T1D program head Dr. Amy Droitcour.

About Wave 80

Wave 80 Biosciences develops next-generation molecular diagnostics products and technologies in infectious disease, autoimmune disease, and other human health conditions. Wave 80’s products and technologies address unmet needs of diverse patient populations worldwide.