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Liquid Micropiston Technology

Liquid Micropiston technology from Wave 80 is a breakthrough solution for accelerating and enhancing sophisticated, high-clinical-value molecular assays and liquid biopsy. Features of liquid micropiston technology include:

  • High-performance sample preparation.
    LMP-based sample preparation accelerates DNA/RNA extraction and other key steps in common sample preparation processes while improving reproducibility and reducing risk to healthcare workers handling infectious material.
  • Rapid, high-reproducibility emulsion formation.
    In droplet-based multiplexing, LMP technology can produce the emulsion faster and with tighter control of droplet volumes.
  • Improved liquid biopsy.
    LMP technology can accelerate and enhance diverse aspects of a variety of liquid biopsy methods.
  • Accurate, sensitive quantitation of target analytes.
    Combining LMP technology with any of a variety of signal amplification and target amplification methods can achieve lower limits of detection as low as a few copies of target per sample and quantitation spanning some six logs of dynamic range.
  • Versatile configurations and high reliability.
    Liquid micropistons have no moving structural elements, conferring major reliability advantages on for LMP-based systems.
  • Highly cost-competitive.
    Liquid micropistons are manufactured using methods and tools adapted from integrated circuit manufacturing, with its well-known advantages in scaling.

Wave 80's Liquid Micropiston technology is covered by issued and pending patents including U.S. 9,995,412

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