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EOSCAPE™ Molecular Diagnostics Technology

EOSCAPE is a revolutionary molecular diagnostics system that, for the first time, brings sophisticated, high-clinical-value molecular testing directly into the smaller hospitals and clinics which provide the vast majority of patient care in healthcare systems around the world. Key aspects of EOSCAPE technology include:

  • Enclosed cartridges with fully integrated sample preparation.
    All assay processes, including DNA/RNA extraction and other sample preparation steps, take place within fully enclosed EOSCAPE cartridges. All reagents are contained on-board the cartridge at all times.
  • Fast turnaround times.
    From sample-in to results-out in 10-55 minutes, depending on type of target.
  • Diverse panels of high-clinical-value analytes.
    Beyond the EOSCAPE-HIV for HIV viral load measurement, the EOSCAPE pipeline includes hepatitis B DNA, chlamydia DNA, and many other established and emerging biomarkers—both nucleic acids and proteins.
  • Accurate, sensitive quantitation of target analytes.
    EOSCAPE lower limits of detection are as low as a few copies of target per sample; quantitation spans some six logs of dynamic range.
  • Versatile configurations and high reliability.
    An innovative instrumentation configuration—with primary assay processes taking place in small processing units, which are inserted into the main analyzer for final read-out—enables fully on-demand testing in clinics with test throughputs ranging from a few tests per day to more than fifty. Routine maintenance requirements are almost zero.
  • Highly competitive on a cost-per-result basis.
    Typical EOSCAPE cartridge costs are 25-60% below comparable testing systems.

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