Wave 80, Magnisense Partner in Infectious Disease Diagnostics and Patient Monitoring

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Magnisense (www.magnisense.com) and Wave 80 Biosciences (www.wave80.com) today announced the establishment of a new strategic partnership to explore synergies between the companies’ industry-leading technology platforms, MIAtek™ magnetic detection technology and SCATM assay cartridge technology.

Daniel Laser, Chief Executive Officer, Wave 80 said: “With its unique ability to scan a volumetric sampling region and the vast increase in the area per detectible particle compared to alternative magnetic detection methods, Magnisense’s MIAtek™ magnetic detection technology is a breakthrough in clinical laboratory testing. Its robustness, sensitivity, speed, and dynamic range make MIAtek truly compelling for a broad range of assays.”

Luc Lenglet, Chief Executive Officer, Magnisense said: “By enhancing on-cartridge assay process control while eliminating the dynamic mechanical interface between cartridge and instrument, Wave 80’s SCATM technology is a major leap forward for cartridge-format clinical laboratory testing systems. The introduction of high-value clinical laboratory tests in a cost-effective enclosed-cartridge format will be a boon to patients, providers, and payers alike.”

The first phase of this collaboration, between Wave 80 and US-based scientists skilled in the MIAtek™ technology, will center on diagnostics and patient monitoring for infectious disease. The work will be funded in part by a grant from the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, part of the National Institutes of Health.

About Magnisense. Magnisense SA is a leading developer of magnetic based rapid diagnostics. The companies unique MIAtek™ technology leverages the unique superparamagnetic properties of nanometric sized particles which provides a highly sensitive result from a simple test. Magnisense is headquartered in Paris and has operations in Lyon, Moscow, Philadelphia, and Seattle.

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