Wave 80 to Unveil Latest Advances in High-Performance Bioassay Technology at SemiCon China

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Dr. Daniel Laser, Wave 80’s Chief Executive Officer and President, will discuss major recent advances in the company’s bioassay technology as part of an invited talk at the upcoming Semicon China 2014 conference, the company announced today. The conference, to be held in Shanghai from March 18-20, 2013, is a leading international forum for new product releases and announcements in the semiconductor and solar power sectors.

Dr. Laser’s talk will highlight recent advances relating to Wave 80’s Liquid Micropiston (LMP) technology. Liquid Micropistons are thought to be a key technology for achieving the highest possible performance in a wide range of bioassays, from molecular diagnostics to immunoassays to next-generation sequencing.

Liquid micropistons pack incredible power into a tiny package. A single LMP—measuring a few millimeters on a side—can propel a fluid mass equivalent to many multiples of the chip’s own mass from one end of a reaction channel to the other in only seconds. Yet LMPs consume less than one-hundredth of the electrical power input required by a typical microprocessor chip.

Dr. Laser’s presentation will highlight recent advances in liquid micropiston-enabled bioassay process optimization. With the latest liquid micropiston designs, two or more discrete fluid volumes—each containing one or more slow-diffusing species—can be fully reacted in approximately two centimeters of fluid conduit length. The minimum required fluid conduit length was previously five to 10 centimeters.

Dr. Laser, who founded Wave 80 after receiving a Ph.D. from Stanford University, is an inventor on numerous patents with diverse applications in biotechnology, energy systems, telecommunications, and information technology.

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